We welcome and rely on valuable donations of all kinds – money, volunteerism, and social sharing and referrals that expand our circle of friends and affiliates. Our signature program, I Ching Mothering Change, has been running continuously for free since 2011 and we are always open to new projects and ways to be of service.  The scope of our work expands and contracts based on the contributions we receive and our selective choice of projects. Thank you for considering our program among so many causes worthy of support.

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Your donations to our general fund go toward operational expenses that make it possible to maintain our online program, I Ching Mothering Change, and support our ability to respond to new opportunities as they arise to be of service in our community. A volunteer run organization, we keep our expenses low so that this fund can be used to expand our offerings from time to time and to support others whose work resonates with our mission through a range of strategies including fiscal sponsorship, and small grants when funding is available for worthy new projects.

This free online divination program is our signature offering, providing a tool for creative and soulful reflection about major transitions in family and community life. This unique version of the ancient Chinese Classic of Change was especially developed in collaboration with leading scholar, Stephen Karcher, to share the heart of In the Family Way. “In a world weary of approaching change through heroic striving, I Ching Mothering Change expands our capacity to nurture the mutual process of becoming in ourselves, our families, and in the family of the earth that holds us all.” DONATE NOW


We are grateful for your generosity, support, and belief in our work.
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