Current Projects:

Sponsorship and Small Grants

In addition to our signature program, I Ching Mothering Change, we offer fiscal sponsorship and small grants to support worthy new initiatives and cultivate creativity, reduce distress, and support greater flourishing among the family of the earth. Small grants are available on a first come first serve basis when funds are available. Please contact us about how to apply.

2021 Grants

Support and Feed: Covid-19 Crisis Response

In response to the pandemic, we were honored to serve as fiscal sponsor for this worthy new initiative that sprang into being through the efforts of a tireless group of volunteers and the vision of Maggie Baird, actress, screenwriter, and mother of Grammy-award winning artists Finneas and Billie Eilish.

Support + Feed began as a crisis response initiative to provide plant-based meals prepared by local restaurants to individuals, children, and families disproportionately affected by the pandemic, while showcasing the benefits of a plant-based diet. Since then, Support + Feed has grown into an established organization with a mission to positively impact the environment and combat food insecurity by providing plant-based food and education about its benefits to underserved, distressed, or traditionally marginalized communities.

Operating in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, volunteers delivered nearly 60,000 meals in 2020 through partnerships with vetted organizations such as homeless and women’s shelters, family and children’s programs, food banks, senior centers, LGBTQ programs, and community centers.

Support + Feed now has IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, so our assistance is currently focused on supporting a smooth transition to independence. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to help launch Support + Feed as a way to further our mission and expand our service during one of the most consequential challenges facing the world today.

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Poetry Pollinators

This is an eco-poetry public art installation program by Santa Fe poet Laureate Elizabeth Jacobson and Julie Chase-Daniel, operating under the fiscal umbrella of In the Family Way.

The mission of Poetry Pollinators is to empower poetry, art, and education to bring back declining native bee populations and animate public spaces as ecological systems that support the flourishing of all species.

Solitary native bees live underground and in the channels of plant stems with no hive, no honey, and no queen to protect. They rarely sting, which has allowed communities nationwide to champion their preservation through the placement of educational nesting boxes in urban locations that have come to be known as “bee hotels.”

Poetry Pollinators on the Santa Fe River is the first project in this new program, with plans to establish up to four artist-commissioned bee hotels along the river pathway as open space gathering spots for personal contemplation as well as poetry readings, educational workshops, and public events & celebrations. Each bee hotel will integrate an educational panel and present one poem panel that will be changed seasonally. With the support of the City of Santa Fe River Commission and Parks and Recreation Department, the Santa Fe Watershed Association, and representatives from the Santa Fe County Commission and the Santa Fe Arts Commission, Poetry Pollinators has been invited to locate the first installation in the soon to be built SFWA Rain Garden in the East Alameda river path by Camino Escondido.

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I Ching: Mothering Change

Launched in 2011, this free online divination program is a continuous offering, a dynamic tool for creative reflection about major transitions in family and community life. Since it was recorded nearly three thousand years ago, the Chinese Classic of Change has been in continuous use and has evolved under the prevailing political climate and worldview of scholars who have produced countless interpretations, commentaries and translations over time. It provides images and messages that have persisted over thousands of years, inviting other ways of knowing to rise to our awareness and enrich our rational thought with intuition and heart-centered insight.

This unique version was developed in collaboration with leading I Ching scholar and diviner Stephen Karcher, Ph.D. to share the heart of In the Family Way. In a world weary of approaching change through heroic striving, I Ching Mothering Change expands our capacity to nurture the mutual process of becoming in ourselves, our families, and in the family of the earth that holds us all. Rooted in the conviction that times of upheaval and change are the open hinge of evolution at all levels of human culture, we offer Mothering Change  as a resource for those seeking to engage creativity and compassion to shape the transitions and transformations through which evolution unfolds.

I Ching Mothering Change is now used regularly by people all around the world. It is an honor to continue sharing it and we are grateful if your experience using it inspires you to support the vision and work of In the Family Way.

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Our multidisciplinary practice leads to creative interventions, arts programming, and fiscal sponsorship for select projects that relieve suffering, cultivate transformation, and make life on earth better for all beings.

Past Projects & Events:

The Torso Project

This long term collaborative art project, organized by Julie & Matthew Chase-Daniel from 2007-2010, was an invitation for pregnant women to create a living legacy of the mystery, magic, and relationship to nature that the pregnant form represents. The goal of the Torso Project is to empower and support women, men and children during the life changes evoked by pregnancy and birth. Life-cast torsos of women at full-term were created in editions of three. One was given back to the woman from whom it was cast. The second was placed in the wilderness near the location of the birth and left as an offering to the natural world. The third was held by the artists for exhibition of the entire group of torso sculptures. For participants, and through the wilderness placements and public exhibitions, this project invites a new way of experiencing the way we all live as a family of the earth.

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The Muse in the House: An evening to celebrate In the Family Way

Meditative Song Group

Led by vocalist Annette Cantor from 2007-2009, this meditative song group met in a series of four weekly classes dedicated to the celebration of spirit through song for people whose families are reforming after divorce, loss, or other life changes. Accompanied by the tambura, participants were invited to sing and relax into the still point that is the source of our creativity and emerge profoundly refreshed and centered in mind and body.

Pottery for Parents and Children

Weekly pottery classes for children (five and up) and their adult companions were offered as a six-week series facilitated by Julie and Matthew Chase-Daniel in 2007. Participants learned a variety of hand-building techniques through working on a set of cups and bowls for daily use. Classes offered parents and children a chance to connect and have fun amid the challenges of daily life.

Journal Project for Tweens and Teens

In this empowering program, led by photographer Anne Hayunga from 2007-2008, young girls learned how to blend text and photographs they created themselves into journals to capture the questions and revelations of their age. Journal groups met in a series of 4 weekly classes dedicated to fostering creative self-expression through photography, writing, and drawing.

In the Family Way is a federally recognized tax-exempt 501c3 public charity. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.