Your generous contribution is a great honor, and it will be our privilege to use the funds to carry on with our current programming and respond to new opportunities to be of service when they arise.

I Ching Mothering Change, developed in collaboration with leading scholar Stephen Karcher, is our signature project. A free online I Ching divination program designed to help people cultivate creativity and compassion during major transitions, Mothering Change has been continuously available since it launched in 2011 and now has users all around the world.

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we began serving as fiscal sponsor to help launch Support and Feed, a new volunteer-run initiative led by actress, screen writer, and singer/songwriter Maggie Baird to deliver nourishing plant-based food to those in need though partnerships with vetted charitable organizations in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia and support plant-based food restaurants, staff, and related businesses by helping the. serve vulnerable, distressed, marginalized and/or BIPOC communities.

Poetry Pollinators is another new initiative operating under our umbrella.  Created by Julie Chase-Daniel and Santa Fe Poet Laureate Elizabeth Jacobson, their mission is to empower poetry, art, and education to bring back declining native bee populations and animate public spaces as ecological systems to support the flourishing of all species. Their first project will establish one to four wild native bee houses along the Santa Fe River and Park trails with the support of the City of Santa Fe River Commission and the Santa Fe Watershed Association.

With your help, the programs of In the Family Way continue to be sources of support, creativity, and inspiration for families and communities in New Mexico and beyond.

We are truly grateful for your support and look forward to sharing our progress with you as we continue our endeavors.

Thank you.