We are now serving as fiscal sponsor for Poetry Pollinators, an new eco-poetry public art installation project by Santa Fe poet Laureate Elizabeth Jacobson and  Julie Chase-Daniel, poet-activist and founder of In the Family Way.  This project will establish one to four permanent native bee pollinator houses produced by commissioned artists in a juried selection process and placed along the Santa Fe River. Each bee house will integrate a panel for project information and present one poem that will be changed out seasonally, at the solstices & equinoxes.  As a permanent public art installation, Poetry Pollinators serves as a contribution to combating climate change, helping mend a variety of ecosystems both practically and poetically, and increasing awareness of the Santa Fe River Watershed and El Parque del Rio the linear park and multi-use trail system that will run along the river for fifteen miles when complete.  For more information, visit poetrypollinators.com