Created especially for In the Family Way, I Ching: Mothering Change is a free online divination program developed in collaboration with Stephen Karcher, leading I Ching scholar and diviner.

In it, we offer a new version of the I Ching that helps us harmonize our inner creative masculine and feminine energies in order to embrace family transitions as sacred rites of passage that link personal and cultural transformation.

Since it was first recorded nearly three thousand years ago, the I Ching has been in continuous use and has evolved under the influence of the prevailing political climate and world view of scholars who have produced countless interpretations, commentaries and translations over time. It does not protect us from difficult experiences or predict the future. What it does, is provide images and messages that have evolved over thousands of years of use, allowing other ways of knowing to rise to our awareness. These images are brought together here in a unique way that evokes the presence of Spirit Helpers and summons the voices of Mother and Father to help us become who we are meant to be as individuals, families and communities.

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Thanks to those who made I Ching: Mothering Change possible:
Stephen Karcher, for his collaboration in this unique adaptation of his work.
Canton Becker, for the website development.
Christine Cortina, for the print design.
The Ventura County Community Foundation, and the Frank and Julie Papen Memorial Fund, for the financial support that made this project possible.