In the Family Way is dedicated to helping families thrive
by encouraging greater creativity and compassion during
transitions from birth to end of life.

The natural transitions we experience in our family life are often as challenging as they are rewarding – whether we are embracing the birth of a new baby, adolescent turbulence, divorce, loss, our own aging process or caring for our elders. Engaging in creative projects together, we invite a process of personal transformation that allows us to re-discover our own capacity for trust and kindness during these pivotal periods.

In the Family Way offers programs, events and publications that foster creativity, personal reflection and mutual support during times of change. The wellbeing of our larger communities grows out of the health and happiness of our families. We help increase community health by cultivating a positive experience of growth and change within the heart of family life, the living root of our larger community.

Our mission is simple and we invite you to join us:
Together, we can engage the transformative power of our creativity
to shape ourselves, our families and our world.